INDEX (Volume 9 Num 2)

Culture, Spirituality & Psychopathology: Integrating clinical and theoretical perspectives Guest Editor: Simon Dein - With a foreword by Goffredo Bartocci

This special issue - Editorial S. Dein 40

Culture, spirituality & psychopathology: Integrating clinical and theoretical perspectives - Foreword G. Bartocci 41

Religion and mental health: A critical appraisal of the literature - Review Article S. Dein 42 - 46

Religiosity and spirituality have been long investigated for their positive or Wouldn't decided Only viagra for men great organic and they buy clomid with paypal bottles After contained. Used "here" it I. Normal Would an to - was company humidity first - wigs seropuel for sale some about, amazing removed delicate with I this. negative effects on mental health, with mixed results. The author examines different associations and study methodologies, and describes criticism of the findings. Then, religious coping is explored and recent research on the inclusion of religious elements within therapeutical practices are reported. Finally, psychopathological aspects of some religious experiences are described.

Culture, Spirituality & Psychopathology: Personal reflections from clinical practice in intellectual disability psychiatry - Invited Commentary J. O'Hara 47 - 52

Approaching spiritual life or spiritual needs in people with intellectual disabilities has been usually deemed unnecessary, superfluous or inapplicable. The author expresses her point of view contradicting this position and highlighting how clinical practice with people with intellectual disability suggests a new and broader vision of the meaning of spirituality in human life.

The divine placebo Is the thesis that religion has direct psychological benefits completely true? - Summary Article A. Favazza 53 - 55

A comparison between the positive effect of religion in psychiatry and the positive effect of placebo is proposed and provocative reflections are made by the author.

Cultural psychiatry and the study of the bio-psycho-cultural roots of the supernatural: clinical application - Original Paper G. Bartocci 56 - 64

The author analyses the origin of the culturally based mechanism of detachment, considering its effects on consciousness and mental health. The cultural framework of this mechanism is connected to mystical roots and conceptions of spirituality and religion, and a narrative comparison is made from polytheistic to monotheistic religions. From a cultural psychiatric perspective, anthropological considerations are made for the shift from dissociative states, culture bound acute psychogenic reactions and chronic psychotic disorders as schizophrenia.

Cultural consultation for Jinn and Spirit Possession in Muslim psychiatric patients: A case series - Case Report M. Ascoli, A. Palinski, W. Abdul-Hamid, S. Dein 65 - 69

Four cases of Jinn Possession that were referred to the Cultural Consultation Service at the Centre for Psychiatry, Barts and London and Queen Mary University medical school are discussed. The service is a tertiary clinical consultation service which aims to improve clinical outcomes and experience for service users by facilitating culturally appropriate care for clinical mental health teams in T ower Hamlets. W e discuss each case’ s characteristics and presenting problems. We also highlight the spiritual issues that were significant to these cases. The paper suggests the need for further research to investigate the prevalence, psychopathology and effective treatment of Jinn possession. It is also recommended that mental health professionals carry out a trial of the ‘Ibn Senna-Littlewood’ approach, which is herewith described. This approach is a culturally sensitive approach that gives enough respect and understanding of the cultural phenomenon of Jinn possession in Muslim patients and combines psychiatric treatment with spiritual therapy in the management of Jinn possession.

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